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Fundamental Research Corp, an independent Vancouver investment research firm, recently published reports on both Fisgard Capital Corporation and Fisgard Capital II Corporation.

Since 2003 Fundamental Research has provided the highest institutional quality equity research coverage on over 250 small and micro-cap public companies through their extensive distribution network. Since 2009 they have also issued over 80 reports on exempt market securities. Their research is used by some of the largest institutional investors in the world who access Fundamental’s research through channels such as Reuters, Capital IQ and the Globe and Mail. Its research is also available by subscription. Fundamental’s goal is to provide high quality research to a broad audience of investors. They are the foremost research authority on the Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) industry in Canada.

Fundamental Research’s analysis is worth noting. Relative to other Mortgage Investment Corporations Fisgard Capital Corporation’s risk/security rating is in the top 5% of companies – meaning the least amount of risk and is also amongst the top 45% of companies rated ‘Good’ to ‘Very Good’ in terms of risk relative to reward.

The Fundamental Research results and ratings bode well for our investors and management. And you may be sure that we are continuously working hard to improve our rating.

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